Wednesday, October 12, 2005

eBay/Google Mashup and the Amway Salesman

This is the best integration of eBay with Google Maps to date that I've seen (apologies to Adam - you're eBay Motors mash-up is great too ;)). eBay/Google_Map. Essentially it allows users to geolocate every item on the eBay site, with integration to eBay's Affiliate program to monetize the app for the developer.

In non-related news, Jeff Matthew's wrote a great blog on the integration of Yahoo and Microsoft's IM networks. The Amway Salesman in the Driveway. He actually hit the proverbial nail on its head for me, since I only have one contact on my Yahoo Messenger and about 50 on AIM (though I'm slowly converting folks over to Skype's IM ;)).


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