Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Eh tu Amazon?

Just saw the last episode of HBO's Rome yesterday. For anyone who hasn't seen it, Rome is simply the best show on TV (with Prison Break a close second). Last night they ended the season with Julius Caeser getting stabbed a few hundred times and Brutus' mom telling Octavian's (the next Caeser's) mom that she would hunt her down and torture her slowly... Check out Julius' entry in Wikipedia. Yow. And I thought all the drama between Yahoo, Google, MSN and eBay was bad.

Keeping up the Roman conquest analogy, looks like the concepts behind Web 2.0 are winning hearts and minds. Next to fall was Amazon which just introduced their ProductWiki, joining Yahoo's Shoposphere and Flickr, and Microsoft's Max (and yes Google's Base :P). You could argue that user-generated content is at the heart of eBay (listings, transactions, feedback, etc). That said, the recently launched Reviews&Guides is a great new indicator of eBay's ongoing commitment to our community and the base principles behind Web 2.0. More to come, stay tuned :)


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