Friday, November 04, 2005

Note to Friendster - I'm married with children.

Interesting post on the fate of Friendster. If you compare Friendster (92) to MySpace (14) or TheFacebook (143) on Alexa, it appears that Friendster's traffic is slumping significantly compared to the stunning growth of its competitors. Their site states there are 19MM profiles on the Friendster network, which seems significant, but MySpace (with 28MM users) has nearly 20-30x the traffic.

I've always had a hard time understanding the value proposition of Friendster outside of a network dating site. I'm actually one of their 19MM profiles. I joined 2 years ago, looked at my friend's network and then never went back. Now I get a daily spam email from Friendster. Woot! Perhaps social networking for the sake of social networking alone isn't enough to drive interest and repeat usage. MySpace and TheFacebook succeeded by targeting specific demographic niches and interests (bands and college fraternization respectively) and building community-driven content that appealed to its users. Ultimately, both sites enabled dating and social networking (ala Friendster), but with an underlying purpose that was more focused than either. Looks like content really is king...
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