Friday, March 17, 2006

Wireless Development

Had a good meeting with the team from AppForge yesterday. Shouldn't be a shock that wireless will be the prime access point to the Internet and hosted applications in the immediate future with the growth of Wifi/WiMax. From my personal experience, it's hugely liberating to not carry a laptop around. I can access my emails and most Internet sites through my Treo. Give me a portable monitor/keyboard, hosted access to my files ( and an online Office (hello MS?) or secure P2P access to my desktop and that's all I would need.

Anyways, AppForge has developed a platform (Crossfire) which allows developers to deploy and manage .Net, C# and Visual Basic applications on over 500 mobile handsets. For those folks who have tried developing in the wireless space, trying to build an application that can be used on more than one handset model is by far one of the biggest headaches and pain points. Given the future of wireless, it's critical for developers to start considering this space as an important channel for both discovery and usage of their apps. Hopefully working with companies like Appforge can help...


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