Saturday, August 13, 2005

Here's $1B, my house, job and car keys...

While many have raved about Yahoo's 'investment' in Alibaba, I have a few questions. How often do you see a $3 billion market capitalization for a company that's generating $70MM in revenues? Let's say Alibaba/Taobao reach effervescent, ridiculous 30% net margins (which safe to say isn't the case currently). That would still be a 140 P/E multiple... How about paying $1B for 40% of a company, but then handing over control of your brand, multiple operations and ongoing strategy to the company you just paid $1B to? Obviously entire teams of business and M&A folk far smarter than I made the decision. Better hope you do know Jack ;)

Jack Ma - CEO, Alibaba/Taobao and Yahoo! China?


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