Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Microsoft loves Fremont

I drive by Fremont every day on my way home (take the Mission Blvd exit off 880). Nice, clean suburb near to San Jose with pretty bad traffic. Let's hope Microsoft's Fremont doesn't have the same issues. New and improved Mr. Softie is launching a competitor to Google Base/Craigslist, codename Fremont (article here).

It's no surprise Microsoft would launch a listing service... what's more interesting is how quickly the response from MS came. Could it be possible that the MS Live platform and adherence to Web 2.0 principles is driving increased innovation and speed to market for a huge company like MS? With Microsoft Max and now Fremont launched in short order (in Beta like all other Web 2.0 apps), that seems to be the case. Here's hoping other huge companies follow suit... ;)


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