Friday, January 27, 2006

"Web 2.0 = UTOSLW" Catchphrase for 2006.

Had a conversation with Kate Green (who was very cool - her love of mid-range red lasers notwithstanding) from MIT Technology Review at a media dinner last night. She remarked that the increasing use of acronyms by business folks is plain ridiculous (even when compared to scientific acronyms). Made me wonder what the new acronym for "Web 2.0" should be, whose use has become too all-encompassing. So here's the drill down on some Web 2.0 trends to help define a new acronym for the genre...

User-generated content (U)
Tagging (T)
Open-platform (O)
Social-networks (S)
Long-tail distribution (L)
Web-services (W)

So there you go... UTOSLW. Easy to remember that... hmm. Guess Kate was right :(
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