Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Google Base traffic

There's been running commentary from pundits of the increasing competitiveness of Google Base vs eBay. Just wanted to make sure folks were aware of the below from Alexa...

Now obviously this is only directional (and a couple of percentage points of Google's traffic can still be significant) but it makes clear that the vast majority of usage is still focused on basic search (I know... duh). There seems to be strong adoption of Gmail and some impressive initial activity on Google Video. But note Base (which was launched 3 months prior to Google Video) doesn't surpass News or even Froogle activity (both of which are direct links from the homepage). Yes, I understand Google can/will introduce Base into Search listings, yada yada. Maybe things will drastically change when that happens. But note News/Froogle with direct links from the home page (and the top of every subsequent search page) haven't gotten too much consumer love. Much to do about nothing... at least to date.


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