Friday, April 07, 2006

YouTube Legal issues

Good post from Don Dodge on YouTube's potential legal issues. Essentially Don, a former VP at Napster, thinks that YouTube has very limited legal exposure due to "significant non-infringing use" of its service (i.e. lots of home made videos without copyright protection vs otherwise). So long as YouTube pulls down content at the request of a copyright owner, they're in good shape. Cool.

On a completely different note, a couple of months ago I posted something on Google fighting the government over privacy and the gov's interest in tracking searches on pornography. Since then I saw a nice lift in daily traffic. After a little digging on StatCounter I found that all the traffic was coming from the keywords "Google Porno". Doh. Apparently has me as the #1 search result out of 570K results. Not sure that's quality traffic :( At the very least that's a great example of the power of blogs (even if somewhat misguided).


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