Thursday, May 04, 2006

SoonR rather than Later

Via TechCrunch, SoonR just released "SoonR Talk w/Skype". SoonR offers remote access to a user's PC via their phone. SoonR Talk allows users to access both their Skype Chat and Voice functionality through any WAP-enabled phone. Nice. What makes this app fairly cool is that it's phone agnostic. A lot of wireless applications these days require Java support or a Symbian/Windows CE OS on the phone. This limits the availability of these applications to (currently) a sliver of cell phones out there, namely higher end/smart phones. By enabling SoonR Talk through a WAP browser, any phone that has a data plan/web access can now enable Skype. The functionality requires use of SkypeOut minutes since your PC calls your mobile phone first and then connects to you another party, so it's not free. But this is definitely a great step forward in enabling VOIP broadly.

Btw, this is the type of innovation which is driven by enabling a web-service platform (ala Skype's APIs).


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