Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stumbleupon Video

Stumbleupon Video is freakishly addictive. Check out this documentary on Hugo Chavez (warning -- its long). I'm no fan of his politics (I'm one of those left-leaning Republicans, fiscal conservative and social liberal), but the story is pretty fascinating. The documentary covers the underlying impact of (and trust placed on) the media and captures an actual coup d'etat on film. No easy feat.

Stumbleupon has something significant here. Where most sites are limited to Youtube-capped 5 minute videos, a lot of content on Stumbleupon Video ranges over 30-90 minutes. The videos are also much less focused on gag or shock value. If you choose All Channels, there's a lot of political content (like this Stephen Colbert report). I'm assuming like any good Web 2.0 startup, as Stumbeupon gets to know me better, the content will become increasingly relevant. It solves one of my main frustrations with Youtube, MySpace and the like. While the most popular videos on Youtube can be funny, a lot of times I'm surfing through content which, frankly, I personally find is crap (given I'm no longer aged 13-20).

Dave (VP Marketing at Stumbleupon), one suggestion. Make it easier to take the great content from your site and embed it on blogs, MySpace and other sites. The email sharing function is fine, but in order to embed the URLs above, I had to email myself. Content with an embed code (ala MySpace layouts on Freeweblayouts and photo sharing & slideshows on Rockyou) would be useful...


Blogger Jeffrey McManus said...

I remember when the Republicans billed themselves as the party of fiscal responsibility.

8:39 AM  
Blogger Ro said...

Heh. Well, safe to say that it's been an unhappy 4 years from a fiscal perspective...

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

working on it :)

9:52 AM  

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