Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Shitshow

Now that I no longer work for a public company requiring employees to maintain a fairly pristine image (my blog is once again all my own! woowee.) , I feel emboldened to refer folks to a profane but funny blog post (gasp) The Shitshow. It's hard to tell whether its satire or truth, but either way, anyone who's worked in consulting, investment banking or private equity, or worked with anyone in those fields, will get a chuckle. In summary, the author is a supposed private equity analyst from Deerfield/Wharton, poking fun at a recent hire from Bain, a well-regarded strategic consulting company (I'm biased since I worked there for 3 years post Duke). Best line from the post:

"Bro, I know you only made like $55k traveling to Bumblefuck, Idaho every week to provide 'strategic insight' and 'thought leadership,' but please, at least go to TJ Maxx and get some some slightly imperfect Brooks Brothers. Get on eBay or something and buy that shit used for God’s sakes. Yes, your Mom and your broke-ass girlfriend both got you gift certificates to Banana for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you wear that Middle-America shit to work, son! This is FI-nance. FI as in 'FIx me a drink, Jeeves.' FI as in 'FIlling my wallet with Benjamins.' FI as in 'FIckle with my private jets.' Not FI as in 'FIt really well when I tried it on at the mall in Piscataway." Ugh."

Hard to imagine that at one point in my career I was gunning for a PE associate post, got the offer and was about to go. My girlfriend (now wife) convinced me to join a startup and my life has gone c0mpletely orthoganal to being "FI" focused :) (Meaning I actually pay for mortgage and daycare -- no yacht, place to 'summer', or live-in cook yet -- but also spend my time pursuing my passions/interests in technology, growing startups and weekends with the family).


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