Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome is... fast :)

I've had my critiques of Google in the past (one funnily enough got me into enough trouble at eBay to land me my current job at RockYou).  So I guess I have to thank Google twice.  The one real reason I thought Google kicked all the search engines in the rear when it first launched was speed.  No one matched how outright fast Google performed on searches.  Google Chrome is the browser equivalent.  Page uploads are 2-3x faster than Firefox/IE.  This includes rich-media laden pages and sites which normally are very slow to load on my PC.  It takes that type of difference to change my inertia in using Firefox/IE.  I'm assuming the same will happen for a lot of folk...

PS - Chrome seems to work REALLY well with Gmail, Google Calender, Google Docs and Google Analytics.  Given we use all four at RockYou as business tools, it's a given that we end up using Chrome organizationally as well.
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