Wednesday, August 17, 2005

There's an 'Ad' in Android...

Google buys Android. Sounds like a Google engineer's dream no?

Scuttlebutt says that Android was working on wireless GPS tracking and software provisioning based on user location. Hmm. So now Google can track you down wherever you go and serve up some appropriate adds (better yet if they're Voice-enabled SMS!). This would be the ultimate ad service as you troll around town, with your cellphone barking out ads in real time... (walk by a Quiznos and you're phone would buzz "Mmm Toasty meatball subs - turn left!")

A better bet is that Google would capture geolocation info on you wherever you went and then present this as a venue to advertisers... Imagine the possibilities - your local Burger King would know that you drive by every day, and pay Google handsomely to sell you a BK ad. So when you log onto MyGoogle or Gbrowser or Gmail or Gnews or Gpay or GTV or Gmaps or Gtunes or Gexcel or Gword or Gwifi (you get the drift), all completely free of course, the ad from your local BK would be up front and center. So no surprise, there's an 'Ad' in Andriod (there's also an 'Anoid' as well...)


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