Saturday, October 01, 2005

The 2 minute blog

Waiting to board a plane back from a trip to the O.C. (on a recruiting event for eBay) and blogging via my Treo. I've owed some recognition for two developers that recently launched some very cool services for the eBay community - and

Both services target mobile services for eBay users. Receller has a fairly audacious goal, enabling the casual eBay user to sell on eBay without having to actually know anything about online auctions or sales . You just take a pic on your camera phone and send it to receller. Within 30 seconds the receller team calls you and walks through the selling process, providing key advice along the way and essentially doing all the work for you (outside of packing/shipping). Receller then charges a nominal fee ($10?) per call. It breaks down to a guided selling service for eBay (hopefully converting the 150 million eBay buyers to sellers as well). So forget the weekend garage sale and try receller next time ...

Unwiredbuyer provides buyers an IVR (interactive voice response) bidding system for eBay buyers. Just go to their site, log in with your eBay ID and Unwiredbuyer tracks any item you're watching. Three minutes before the end of the listing, a call is placed to you and you're able to track the end of the auction and bid in real-time all via your phone. It's free so there's no excuse - go try it out.

Plane's about to jet and apparently Southwest doesn't appreciate blogging during lift off so I'm out.
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