Thursday, December 01, 2005

How to Detect a Lie

Ah finally... a useful post. I'm a big fan of poker. It's a great testbed for quick-thinking, gut-checking and general risk tolerance. Reminds me of the daily startup grind. For fellow poker players out there, here's a great review to detecting_lies. The quick summary if you hate redirects: Right-handed people look to the right when they are remembering things. They look to the left when they are constructing things. An example would be "Who is Overstock's Sith Lord?". If you ask that question to a right-handed person, they would look to the left to 'construct' an answer (after looking straight at you wondering if you were deranged. My answer would be Patrick Byrne btw - and yes I did look down and to the left). If you asked "What color was the first house you lived in?", the person would look up and to the right, remembering the response.

Based on this, when a right-handed person looks to the left answering a question, there's a higher likelihood they're lying since he/she is 'constructing' a response rather than recollecting from memory. It's the exact opposite for a left-handed person (right=lying). Too bad I normally play online poker (the free kind of course) :)


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