Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Eqo - Skype for your mobile phone

Honestly I don't entirely understand what Eqo is doing (this having read their site and a description of their service). That said, it looks like Eqo is helping enable Skype on mobile phones. Very sweet. What I don't get is whether Eqo is enabling Skype voice chat on the carrier's voice network or on their data network (i.e. are you using voice minutes or not). If its the latter, it's a potential killer app for Skype and Eqo both.

Currently I use a service from Mundu Wireless that gives me interoperable IM on my Treo 650. Essentially it lets you chat across all the major IM services on your Palm OS device and even do a cross-chat between platforms. Hate to say it, but I'm addicted to portable IM. It's great for meetings which run a bit too long (of course that never happens at eBay ;)) or for traffic jams on 680...

Update: Looks like Eqo is just redirecting Skype calls to the mobile voice network and maintaining the link between the Skype caller and the mobile phone user... almost cool but not quite.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Treo 650? Bluk. The Crackberry 8700c with Verichat for IM works great.

Anyways if you like the Treo 650 the 700 is out now and from what I've read they've done it right this time. Well except for not including Wi-Fi. If it included wifi and a Skype for Mobile Windows 2005 then that would sell a billion units. It might get me to give up my Blackberry.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Ro said...

I happen to love my Treo 650. (never heard Bluk before ;)). Does Verichat let you combine chats cross IM platform? Just curious.

Agreed on the Skype integration to the 700. Anyone from Palm listening???

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tried it. Doesn't work and it's too damn complicated to use. Wasting time.

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Need a PHD to try to get it to work. My phone is supported but I couldn't get it to work. Anyone have any luck?

Why don't I just save up and go get a window mobile cell phone instead of wasting my time on these half a** solution.

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Support for the Treo 650 has just been added by EQO. The latest version of the software can be downloaded from

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Installed it today on my Treo 700P. It's not user friendly from my perspective because:
* Instructions for installation are unclear
* It worked after buggering around with it for 30 minutes....biggest difficulty was actually signing in on the EQO desktop side. Once in it worked fine, clear reception, etc
* After shutting down and coming back into it, it took over 2 hours trying to log in again. The Treo application continually shuts itself down when trying to log on.

This is what frustrates me about products like this....I can see the benefit of it, I've had it working (briefly) and liked it, but there are too many

2:03 PM  

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