Saturday, May 06, 2006

You really can sell anything on eBay

Apparently there's strong demand on eBay for demonic stuffed animals. This from the Register.

"To cut to the chase here, every time the terrified owners tried to dispose of the Stitch devil toy, it reappeared in the house as if nothing had happened. Attempts to bury it in a landfill site on the other side of the city, burn the monster with lighter fuel, dismember it or offload the emissary of Satan at a local pawn store proved fruitless - on each occassion it turned up again, good as new, atop the TV stand."

Now a knife-wielding teddy bear is up for sale. Current bid is $320 :)

Update: Now its at $810 with 1 day left. Demonic teddies are the next Beanie Babies!


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