Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Call me the "Ro"ster

Reading The Alarm Clock this early morning and came across DFJ's investment in "Guidester". Please. For the love of the God. If you care about the physical wellbeing of random strangers... please stop with the 'X-sters'. It's like a punch line you've heard so often to the point you need to run out of a room like some deranged person at the start of the joke. I've taken a vow and now refuse to even go to a site with a "ster" at the end of it. Sorry Friendster, Jobster, Napster and Guidester. Why not call your company Web2OhStR? Now that would rock :D


Anonymous Jeffrey said...

Crap! You stole my name.

Seriously, though, I saw that piece and thought the same thing.

10:44 AM  

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