Tuesday, June 20, 2006

eBay Sellers

Please excuse the lack of posts. I spent a week in Las Vegas at the eBay Developer Conference and eBay Live. There's a lot to be said for both.

One of the lasting impressions I got from speaking with developers and sellers alike last week is that eBay has a true closeknit seller community. It's easy to lose faith when eBay is continually referenced as fighting trench warfare with search engines and the like. Attending eBay Live reinforced the fact that the vast number of sellers on eBay have a very directed focus on this marketplace as the primary if not sole distribution channel for sales. While the same can't be said for eBay's very top sellers, many of which have gone multi-channel and are utilizing their own websites and tools like Adwords, this top group accounts for a very small number of overall sellers on the site (albeit a disproportionate amount of total sales). So long as eBay can continue driving value and demand, our eBay-centric seller community will continue to push supply as needed. It's a fantastic barrier to sell-side competition.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you really mean, "eBay, it's a fantastic barrier to efficiency in the economies of scale."

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