Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Building an Ecosystem

Thanks to Greg for finding this article on the value of developer programs to a business. Winning the hearts and minds of developers is an absolute priority where enabling widgets, mashups and generating massive user adoption have become key aspects to success online.

Currently the average Internet surfer focuses on 5-6 sites for both content and services (such as eCommerce or banking). Webtops (and ultimately the social networks will head down this road) are hugely valuable because they allow 2x or 3x the coverage of content and services for the individual user (vs surfing to each specific site) via widget and RSS integration. Based on this value-add, webtops and/or social networks are fast becoming the starting point for an individual's engagement to their personal Internet experience. With mass-market adoption of this trend, offering an application via web services (and not only content as is offered today via RSS) will be one of the most critical aspects to gaining traction among users. It doesn't have to be as broad or deep an offering as eBay has today, but coupling API availability, an SDK or at the very least, a portable Ajax/Flash enabled widget for key application functions are an absolute necessity...


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