Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Very clever chat widget from Meebo (look on the sidebar right below the pagefold). I've been using an interoperable wireless chat interface on my Treo from Mundu Wireless which has been a fantastic way to engage with friends/peers while on the road. The Meebo widget is a great step towards tying my 'presence' across multiple sites and via wireless as well (via Mundu).

With multiple potential points of presence (your website, blog, social network profile, linkedin page, etc) starting to proliferate, having a central point to detect presence and engage through one channel is increasingly important as well. In my case, I've put this widget on both this blog and my new MySpace profile (trying to pull together a post on that experience now). Now if Meebo would only give me an equally small widget to log into my chat interface rather than having to 1) go to or 2) enable the entire Meebo webtop on my Netvibes page...


Blogger Dipskinny said...

I agree, Meebo is a very clever chat widget. Perhaps too clever as eBay just kicked it out.

4:15 PM  

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