Friday, July 07, 2006

Interesting new site focused on the automotive space called Autospies. They've integrated Digg like functionality for auto-related news items, along with photos, reviews and videos. This concept seems to be catching steam. One of my favorite auto mags is Car and Driver. Been reading it since I was a kid. Surprisingly, Autospies' online traffic performance has matched Car and Driver's online presence (per the below).
The inclusion of user-elected content to vertical sites (especially in automotive) seems to be generating increased interest from publishers and the public (Carspace from Edmunds and CarCrazyCentral are invoking social networking for car enthusiasts). Even if specific players in this realm fail, looks like the general plumbing of Web 2.0 has 'crossed the chasm' and achieved mainstream acceptance.


Anonymous Greg said...

Welcome back, Ro. The blogsphere hasn't been the same with you. :-)

10:15 PM  

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