Thursday, December 28, 2006

Leveragedsellout strikes again

Another funny post from LeveragedSellOut on an investment banker's night life. This was in response to a businessweek article from some Goldman analyst on his daily work routine. A couple of thoughts. Sadly, both posts are actually fairly true :( In my short stint at an investment bank, the 10-2AM workday wasn't uncommon (at least as an analyst). We didn't use "Rolling hard" back then, but the idioms were just as dumb.

This is the best line from Goldman analyst guy:

"The typical work week is around 80 to 100 hours, including time on weekends. It's tough to manage such a rigorous schedule in addition to relationships with friends and family. On the other hand, I'm exposed to more corporate executives at companies and senior bankers within Goldman than I anticipated, which is a fair trade-off."

Hee-hee. Only a first year analyst at any professional firm (IBanking, Consulting, Law) would say something like that. The best folks I knew at Bain/Morgan Stanley were the folks that got all their crap done from 8-6 and had the ability to stand up, leave and live a semi-normal life.

80-100 hours a week doing something you really love or have a passion for is obviously worth it. Most entrepreneurs live that. However, there is simply no number of corporate executives, senior bankers (or in my case $$$) worth 80-100 hours spent sitting running models :P.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My new issue of BW just arrived... covers the brilliance that is Leveraged Sell-out!

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