Wednesday, January 24, 2007

eBay Q4 2006

Congrats to my friends and former peers at eBay for a fantastic quarter. Across all of eBay's business units - Marketplaces, Paypal & Skype - there were outstanding performances. As mentioned previously on this blog, I remain a big believer in eBay's mission and team. Heck, my wife just joined my old group, eBay Motors, to head up sales. I'd be hard pressed to recommend eBay for her if I didn't still believe... Hopefully all the anti-eBay pundits and naysayers can fall silent for at least a day or two.

Now I'm the last person to able to predict where eBay goes from here. Could eBay do a better job becoming more distributed across the Internet via widgets and remote web services? Yes. Could the company leverage Skype as more than just desktop VOIP given they own the largest P2P network in the world? Absolutely. Is Google Checkout a real threat to Paypal? No comment ;) Lol. (Why no comment? Check out my single reference on Valleywag.)

P.S. Frankly, I have to thank Valleywag to some degree. Without them, I probably wouldn't have gotten back in touch with Jeremy Liew (one of RockYou's early investors/believers) and ultimately joined RockYou as a result.

P.S.S. I wonder how many times anyone's ever thanked Valleywag?


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