Monday, February 27, 2006

Google Payments vs Paypal

Here's a fairly balanced comparison from Bill Burnham between the 'once again' newly introduced Google Payments and Paypal. Main point from the post below:

"One point that I feel compelled to elaborate on a bit more is that Google is apparently the merchant of record in these purchases... In contrast, EBay has done everything they can not to become the merchant of record for transactions on its site... it is a very different approach from EBay and one that promises to make the buying process on Google Base very easy, but in the process also promises to expose Google to a lot more headaches than EBay. It will be particularly interesting to see how they deal with disputes because I don't care what the legal docs say, people are still going to contact them when there's a problem and they are going to be aren't going to be happy when Google says they have no standing because of the 'terms of service'."

Fraud management/control is a critical part of a successful, profitable payment system. Good luck with that G...


Blogger Cindy said...

Not to mention the Customer Support efforts Google will have to put behind this. Next they'll be luring away eBay/PayPal CS execs to help them run a well managed CS department. We've got it down to a science :-)

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next they'll be luring away eBay/PayPal CS execs to help them run a well managed CS department.

Lol, when hell freezes over. Not even a seller that pays eBay $10k a month and gets the best support possible would highly rate their support experience at eBay I'd venture to guess.

Check your solutions directory entries for products such as Turbo Lister, SAP, SAB, Blackthorne, etc. Their support are the lowest rated of any service in the solutions directory by a long ways. And that's for a pay product on top of an already pay site.

I have had many excellent customer support experiences in my life, eBay has never been one of them.

PS: if you can see my IP then I didnt say any of this and my computer was hacked. lol.

7:51 PM  

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