Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yahoo! gets the bug too...

According to CNET Yahoo! is polling its Yahoo Mail users on an incentive program for making Yahoo Search their primary search engine. (Hey Jeffrey - I already use Yahoo Search as my primary search engine. Where's my prize? :))

Giveaways include No Yahoo Ads (pass), Unlimited Yahoo Mail storage (I use 5% of my current Yahoo Mail so pass), five free music downloads (make it 10 and you got a deal!), PC-to-phone calling credit (bruk!), discounted Yahoo Personals subscription (my wife would be ecstatic! pass :P) and 250 frequent flier miles each month (pass). Straight up cash via Paypal works for me too ;)

Btw, is it me or do Google product 'announcements' no longer get the PR love they used to? You would have thought the re-introduction of GBuy or the news that GTalk and GMail were being integrated would have brought the flood of PR and prognostications. This is what happens when you miss a quarter folks. Analysts start looking at the downside as much as the upside...


Anonymous Jeffrey said...

Silly, using Yahoo Search is its own reward.

Have you played with My Web? I use it as my home page now so I can see what my friends have bookmarked every time I start the browser. It's my favorite feature of Y! Search.

12:17 PM  
Blogger Ro said...

Thanks for the clue-in on MyWeb. However, I think this is just an early indication of the devaluation of any portal/search site as start page. Ultimately (I'm making a prediction here!) everyone will have their Ajax-enabled browser with services from Yahoo, eBay, Google and others with no regard to a specific portal page... call it the true personalization of the web.

That way anyone can take bits and pieces of the Internet which interests them (via phone, PC, etc), without the search function taking half of the page real estate.

12:37 AM  

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