Monday, September 18, 2006

Eventful Widget

Check out this calendar widget from Eventful.

Compared to a lot of Web 2.0 companies that are solely focused on user-generated content to drive traffic, Eventful combines user-based content with a proprietary database of events across the web. This database isn't easy to replicate and serves as a great barrier to competitive entry. Eventful also offers a unique 'Demand It' functionality that allows users to aggregate requests for specific entertainers/artists for their location of choice. This function, much like the event calender widget above, is portable and is now used by bands on Myspace to reach out to fans. Unique user functionality, an easy to use web service platform, combined with a proprietary, hard to copy database makes for a compelling business...

Ivan, hit the Events tab, conduct a search for a specific event in your location and look to the right (here's Giants in San Francisco) for 'Save as sticker'.


Anonymous Ivan said...

Hey, Ro, I can't find that on Eventful site. Can you give me a clue so I can add it to the widget directory -

12:39 PM  

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