Friday, September 15, 2006

Linkedin and The Bachelor

Just got this email from the good folks at Linkedin...

"Dear Rogelio,

"ABC Television’s hit reality television show, The Bachelor, is searching for its next star. After viewing your profile on LinkedIn, the casting producer has selected you as a potential candidate.

"ABC is using LinkedIn to find its next Bachelor because this time around, they’re looking for an accomplished professional. LinkedIn is about your professional life instead of your personal life, so we don’t know if your marital or relationship status qualifies you for the show. However, your professional profile fits the bill. If you think you’d make a great “Bachelor,” please let me know by reply and I will contact you regarding next steps.

"If you know anyone else that would make a great "Bachelor", feel free to let us know about them"

I love Linkedin. Use it religiously. Who knew there would be these additional perks? Seems the casting producer is OK with my having two kids and a mortgage (it's in my Linkedin Profile). Think how well that would sell with the bachelorettes. Just got to convince the wife of the upside... ;)

That aside, props to ABC for being forward-thinking and using Linkedin to source their Bachelor candidates. If only for that I'll check out who they end up picking.

Update: Btw, there's a nice bounty for finding the next Bachelor, so if you're interested send me an email :)


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