Friday, August 25, 2006

Corporate blogging

Thanks to Mark Cuban for finding this blog post from Rahool Sood, President of Voodoo PC. This is a ridiculously good example of how a company blog can be a great marketing tool. Reading this post (and having no real interest in high-end PCs) makes me want to get to know Rahool and his company better (which ultimately is what great marketing is about).

The post is a good yarn about Rahool's conversations with Michael Dell, and his opinions on Dell and Apple in the high-end PC market. What comes through clearly is Rahool's passion for his company and for his customers. It personifies Voodoo for me as a company that really cares about its target customer segment, about being as cutting edge as possible, and investing heavily to be so, and provides substantiation for the high-price points of their product. Rather than feel 'cheated' by the high price of a Voodoo system, I walk away from this post thinking that IF I bought a Voodoo, 1) I'm buying into something valuable because of the R&D investment and 2) that Voodoo's customer service should be top-notch (given how passionate the President of Voodoo is about his product and customers). All this from a blog post...
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