Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hangover Proxy

Alright. So I have a headache, feel real tired, and have a bit of a headspin. This is the father of two version of a hangover. (No beer, no whisky, nada) Last night worked late until 1AM or so. Was in bed, ready for a solid 5+ hours of sleep. My son, pictured below, got up at 2:30AM and didn't stop asking for his mom, until she broke down, got him from his bed and brought him in ours. The rest of the night until 6:30AM was spent with him rolling around, fingers/toes digging into my back :( One hour of sleep later, I'm wandering the halls as if I had a real bender...

Create Your Own!

I think his molars are coming in. Anyone with kids have any recommendations?
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