Tuesday, October 10, 2006

GooTube and Myspace

Just an observation. (Completely my own btw and not representative of eBay whatsoever ;)) Now that Google has acquired Youtube, I wonder how the MySpace folks feel about their choosing Google as their search partner. In essence, searches on MySpace leveraging Google will probably end up with either 1) video content from Youtube (will Google maintain its Google Video link or focus on Youtube?) or 2) advertising revenue for Google that can be spent to bolster Youtube's reach/advertising/product. What a twisted web weaved these days thanks to "co-opetition".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

MySpace probably feels the same way Yahoo! did when EBAY signed a partnership with Google for ex-US advertising only weeks after signing a deal with them for US advertising. Does working with the competition make you a competitor? I'm not sure although I am very skeptical about the new world order of "co-opetition". I'm don't think its a equilibrium state.

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