Friday, October 13, 2006

Judysbook shopping?

I wrote a review of Yelp, Judysbook and Insiderpages a few months ago, with Yelp 'winning' the title of local review champ. With that, I was surprised by Judysbook's complete about face. Rather than local store/service reviews, the site is now focused on user-generated 'hot' deals across the web. This includes the now-familiar social network, comment and popularity voting aspects. While it's an interesting space, other sites are far more likely to outduel Judysbook here. In fact, the 69th ranked site per Alexa is a site called Fatwallet which seems to do exactly the same thing. Doh. Even worse, the 22nd ranked site is a little company called Digg whose functionality is directly in this wheelhouse.

Well, you gotta hand it to Judysbook founder/CEO Andy Sack (who has a great blog btw). At least he's got brass...


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