Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mashable & Bloglines

Having used Bloglines as my RSS Reader for the past year, I've noticed the sheer amount of info I skim/read through has increased at least 10-fold. Content for another post, but increasing the ability to consume that much more information has made Bloglines an incredibly useful tool for both entertainment and professional development. I went from looking at 5 news/content sources a day, to over 70, and with that, my understanding of the Web 2.0/consumer Internet space has increased multiples as well.

Some of the daily rags I read include the now universally subscribed Gigaom and TechCrunch. That aside, one blog I highly recommend that hasn't gotten that level of acclaim yet is Mashable. If you have any interest in the social networking and widget space, Mashable does a great job digesting the daily grind. They have great coverage of new startups and events related to the Web 2.0 space. Kudos to the Mashable team for delivering the goods.


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